Airline Training

Airline Training


So I got a job at an airport a few months back. I had to do a lot of training created by dreaded business majors, no doubt who needed a project to justify their employment.

I could only stand to do the training, a slow placed interactive flash beast, for a few minutes at a time before my nerves would reach the breaking point and I would very nearly pass out from the pain. Truly the people who created this "material" must be evil beings sent to Earth to torment people like me, or perhaps they're simply future politicians or advertisers.

The interesting thing about customer service training is that it seems to take the position that you've never talked to another human being before and so skills like listening, empathy and communication are foreign to you. I'm pretty anti-social and not very empathetic but I know how to "act" empathetic well enough to do my job without having the process explained to me. So I wonder who really needs this training, and would they ever get hired in the first place if they did?

By: Brock