Just to be clear, Hasbro owns Parker Brothers.

I kid not, 231 million percent. When something is this ridiculous what more can you add? Zimbabwe's situation is dire and it is a good example of what happens when a madman is in a position of leadership indefinitely and allowed to run a country into the ground. The apparent denial of responsibility by the long entrenched dictatorship for the current situation is I guess typical, who would claim responsibility for such a fiasco? When things hit rock bottom you might as well go all the way and pull every nonsense political move out of the book at once. Worst case scenario the dollar hits 250 million percent inflation and best case scenario maybe someone doesn't care about the situation, perhaps a guy in a long term coma.

I foresee that someday Monopoly money will be accepted currency worldwide. First Zimbabwe, then the world, so stock up now.

By: Brock