There's always next time

There's always next time


If you buy into the 2012 rubbish I will buy all your belongings right now for $50. You keep your belongings until 12/31/2012 under the tardy apocalypse clause, but after that all your stuff belongs to me. If you're sure about 2012 why not make an easy $50 and earn a chance to gloat when the end comes? I'd say good luck, but I don't wish people luck when I am sure I'm going to win.

There's about a hundred and fifty different ends predicted to take place on 12/21/2012 everything from galactic alignment, rogue planets, aliens and gods. The focal point of all these events, big or small, is our tiny blue dotof a world. People sure are arrogant and self centered.

Perhaps the most amusing thing about this noise is that since the 2012 prophecy has been propelled into super stardom many less well known doomsday theories predicted for years around 2012 have been nudged to 2012. On the downside 2012 is slated to be the most apocalyptic year since the big bang, on the upside we may end up with a doomsday prediction deficit when 2012 turns out to be bunk in 2013.

By: Brock