U.S.A. Airlines Baggage Handlers

U.S.A. Airlines Baggage Handlers


I've been working an an airport for years now and it never fails, on an hourly basis, people will come up and try to check-in with me despite the fact they're traveling on another airline. Sometimes people just don't know where they're going or who they're flying on so they pick a random counter. I must look really helpful or non-threatening. Other times people know what airline they're traveling on, but apparently they come from region where the new fangled invention called "the sign" hasn't yet proliferated. To my mind signs at airports are gigantic and just like signs anywhere else, but something happens to make them irrelevant at an airport. Sure it's a tiny minority of passengers who baby Huey their way about, but it still beats the hell out of me.

In my mind the setup at an airport isn't so much different than a mall food court. I get the feeling that employees at a mall food court don't have to put up with this sort of grief. I doubt anyone tries ordering a Whopper from the Chinese joint for example. But perhaps I should go to the mall and inquire before I commit to my assumptions.

The bag shredder is an idea I had years ago. In recent years we've added a bag cannon attachment for faster baggage handling. We keep the bag shredder next to the TSA gas powered "spreader", which is used for those deep cavity searches loved by all. Occasionally we'll mention the bag shredder to passengers who laugh at our silly jokes or who don't come across as serious as a heart attack. My advice is get a job at a small airport, it's normally pretty fun.

Francisco gets some dialog credit on this one. Credits not redeemable anywhere.

By: Brock