NASA vs Comcast

NASA vs Comcast


In case you don't speak nerd, 38 kilobits is slower than most dialup connections and translates to a maximum throughput of 4.75 kilobytes per second. Additionally 1000 bits per second is indescribably slow and translates to 0.125 kilobytes per second. At that blazing speed it would take you about ~17 minutes and 20 seconds to download this comic.* So if you're out by Pluto leeching an internet connection off of NASA's Deep Space Network, don't bother coming here, I'm not that funny.

The P.S. was inspired by Francisco's idea that Comcast would be too expensive after the first six months. The letters I invented on the fly in an IM conversation while reading about various NASA space missions because I was reading Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot. Whenever I read his books I have to look up the cool stuff he's talking about. Sagan also makes a good case explaining the cost of space missions and how much more valuable they are than buying another stealth bomber or something of the like.

Playing Left 4 Dead, it's cool.

* This math does not include any HTML/CSS or layout graphics that make up this page.

By: Brock