Fallout 3 Again

Fallout 3 Again


The story of my life. Also I sort of want a WWTDD (What would the Devil do?) or WWSD (What would Satan do?) t-shirt now, I'm sure they exist. I don't think I'd wear it much because of all the insane screeching and silly assumptions, and maybe there'd be some burning at the stake. I don't burn well and who needs the hassle, and without the hassle where's the novelty? Well I have to play some Fallout 3 and try get my post apocalyptic evil on.

Oh right that reminds me, since I installed the addons my game has been experiencing "micro-stuttering". I don't know for sure if I just didn't notice it before, or if it's a new thing. But after poring over tweaking guides and Bethesda's tech support forum. It seems to be a long standing problem that has existed since Oblivion (which uses the same game engine) that Bethesda is just never going to fix. So the long list of other fixes include installing the latest patch, installing the unofficial patch, disabling 3rd party video/audio codecs, installing 3rd party codecs, updating video card drivers, installing old video card drivers, disabling any security programs, swapping out hardware, rubbing cheetah blood on your PC, download a program that will force triple buffering in DirectX, editing settings in the config.ini file for the game, disabling vsnyc, enabling vsync, install a 3rd party FPS limiting program (to be used in conjunction with the last few "fixes"). I could go on all day.

I only actually had to do a handful of those things to fix my problem and the solution isn't perfect. Still it's a great game. At least Mass Effect 2 probably won't be this messed up.

By: Brock