Texas Board of Education vs Reality

Texas Board of Education vs Reality


Well I was sick and then lame so I have neglected to make a new comic so much so that I had to borrow a comic from briefly used, now defunct and abandoned website whose domain name I am still paying for because I am some sort of url packrat.

Time travel back to early 2009: The Texas Board of Education is voting on and is in the process of ruining Texas science standards, especially those standards concerning subjects that don’t fellate creationist beliefs.

You see Texas is what we in the geography biz like to call a "large state with a large population" and  Massachusetts is teeny tiny and has 1/4th the population of Texas.  And thus what Texas does can have an effect on everyone. So when Texas decides that geography books should also explore the flat Earth theory as a valid alternative to accepted spheroid geography then Massachusetts students gets an opportunity to explore the issue too, in fact everyone might get that chance. Yay.

dallasnews.com News story about the final vote. In short sanity prevailed, just barely, but the religious anti-science board members still got to throw a little piss in the Cheerios, so no one ended up completely happy.

Also one side note about the claim in the article about the list of hundreds of scientists who dispute evolution, the response is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Steve.

By: Brock