Faith is a WOPR

Faith is a WOPR


I love WarGames, they don't make hacker movies like that anymore. In fact they only made the one, WarGames. Don't even bring up Hackers, it's good but in a so terrible it's good sort of way and is thus disqualified. Ok so Joshua is WOPR's other secret name because WOPR's main creator Stephen Falken's dead son was named Joshua. Don't ask me, it's one of those things you don't really think anything of as a kid, but as an adult you tend to think everything is really fucked up.

I have WarGames 2: The Dead Code on my Netflix queue and I have a bucket to throw up in, five gallons.

Update 7/31

Uploaded a slightly redone comic that looks a little nicer than the first one. Suffering from digital artist's unreasonable pixel perfect standards syndrome, the doctor says I should get over it in a few days.

By: Brock