MW3 Jeep

MW3 Jeep


I guess I knew Call of Duty was a big deal, but my knowledge on the subject of big dealness was insufficient. And one evening very near the release date, with MW3 ads running trumpeting things already known, mine eyes did glimpse a Jeep ad, which for me was a rather unexpected product, a limited edition MW3 Jeep. As I sat there in a stupor my significant other half amused herself by reading the copy from the Jeep website. My response is autobiographical.

When I was doing my "research" for this comic I discovered that this is not the first time that Jeep and Activision have teamed up. There was in fact a Black Ops Jeep, but since I didn't have cable and was not watching much TV at the time, I missed it.

I am intrigued by the thought process of one who has purchased a CoD Jeep. I can't fathom it myself so I would really need to talk to a few of the buyers to understand. I wonder how many of said CoD Jeeps were immediately used to go cruising for chicks and how successful such a venture was.

By: Brock