Conservatism in 2109

Conservatism in 2109


Glenn Beck Jr. jr. the 2nd would be the great-great grandson of Glenn Beck, if my nonsense is made up correctly. Sadly, this comic may be more plausible than ridiculous.

So I had lots of ideas for this comic and only some of them could make it. Some of the things that were cut; Murder would be legal. The legal age of consent would be 5 years old. Bestiality would be normal. All of these things have been suggested to me, in person, in actual conversations, as plausible without the influence of Christianity to keep us treading in an ocean of evil. The basic claim being morals and values only come from one place, Christ, and without that influence man is too feeble minded to ever figure out that he doesn't want to be robbed or murdered. Also without the threat of eternal torture everyone would degenerate into some sort of vile sub-human capable of any combination of unspeakable depravities. I disagree of course.

Some 2109 predictions to go along with the comic. Most people still won't believe evolution based on the rule of random definition substitution, IE "theory means guess". Science will still be nonsense, when it's convenient. And people will still make stuff up out of nothing and if they can make it make sense in their own minds they will claim it as unfalsifiable fact. Oh, and no one will remember the 2012 apocalypse that never was.

By: Brock