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Kevin Trudeau is a con-man pretending to be a former con-man turned consumer health advocate. One only need read his Wikipedia article to get an idea of what I mean. Suffice it to say Kevin Trudeau has had a colorful career up till now. Recently he's released a book that you may have heard of, Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About. They? Who is they? They are the government, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, the food industry, or anyone who is somehow connected with the above, especially if they make money. Moving on.

Kevin Trudeau is the kind of guy that reassures me that bullshit will never die. I really only have one piece of advice concerning Kevin Trudeau, and this goes double for people who've already bought something from him; stop funding this asshole! Kevin Trudeau's success is proof positive that ignorance is the most profitable resource on the planet. Even though it's about as hard to discover that Kevin Trudeau is a crooked salesman as it is for twenty people to find the sun in a clear sky, millions of people love this guy and gobble up everything he says. But the way people seem hellbent on making sure Kevin Trudeau is a millionaire might cause one to believe that doing so has curative properties of its own.

Kevin claims that the goal of "they" is to make people sick, keep them sick, make them think they're sick, get them addicted to food. All of this is done so everyone involved in the conspiracy can make more and more money. Kevin makes money too don't forget. Although when he makes money it's alright, he's not making nearly as much as "they" are. Essentially he's making a morally acceptable amount of money.

Here's an interesting fact, Kevin Trudeau has found cures for cancer. Cures for cancer, as in more than one? Yep. Amazing. He's an unsung hero. He ought to have a Nobel Prize. Not only has he found cures for cancer, all those cures are cheap, readily available, extremely effective and work nearly instantly. However Kevin eschews a Nobel Prize, after all who wants one of those? Unfortunately cancer cures are being suppressed by "they", because "they" allegedly make more money treating sick people than curing people. "They" also control the Nobel Prize commitee I'm sure. "It's all about the money",  isthe theory proffered by Kevin Trudeau. Of course such a conspiracy cannot never survive under it's own weight when scrutinized. Someone wants a Nobel Prize and a place in the history books for curing cancer more than they would want to make money or supress cures for the benefit of their employer.

There is one thing that I think Kevin fails to address in his simplistic conspiracy theories or that believers fail to consider. "They" are not friends with each other. "They" only works as a concept if everyone involved in "they" is united. But who in their right mind believes that competing pharmaceutical companies, government departments, and political parties could come together on one issue and suppress multiple cures for cancer? It's laughable and I am certainly laughing at the idea.

I have no doubt various pharmaceutical companies are out to make money and that that is one of their foremost, if not their foremost goal. But they all have competition, and no one is out to do a competitor any favors. No company would sit on a cancer cure, or any other cure, because what if a competitor beat them to the market? All that research would be wasted. There would be no partial credit for being second place by sitting on the cure and doing nothing. In fact if such information came to light their stock would become worthless overnight, all the upper management would be fired by the shareholders, and there would be widespread boycott of all their products due to public outrage. And for a company that releases a cure for cancer? Skyrocketing stocks, government funding, and let's not forget money hand over fist from the cure itself. And if a political party was found concealing a cure for cancer in any way? Well that would be it for them for a few decades, they will have handed their opponents victories in every quarter of politics for decades. But if a political party could claim responsibility or in anyway be associated with curing cancer? You're gonna win a lot of swing votes with that.

Kevin's conspiracies and opinions are designed to appeal to a certain demographic of people who believe that any health problem must have a simple, cheap, and unobtrusive treatment that is much more effective than what modern medicine can do. Certainly the appeal of such an idea is undeniable. I wish it was true. But there is not a valid reason why it is true, or must be true. There is certainly no evidence to support such a belief. After all if natural cures are the end all be all for treating diseases, how exactly did we end up with modern medicine in the first place? Please no more conspiracies as explanations, I've had my fill. But I'll ask, why is it that citizens of countries that have modern medicine live longer with a better quality of life than those without? Why is it that China, the home of ancient Chinese medicine, only saw an improvement in their life expectancy after the introduction of modern/western medicine? Keep in mind, when natural cures were the only things around life expectency was half of what it is now. Natural cures have had thousands of years to prove its effectiveness, it hasn't happened. Modern medicine has been around for two hundred years and the results are quite tangible. So what's the problem?

When you read Kevin's book you find it big on conspiracies and light on health information. You also find that the book often refers you to a companion website rather than tell you information directly. This might not be a problem if it wasn't for the fact that the website is subscription based, charging $9.99 a month. I can't imagine why this would be. Perhaps Kevin may claim or you might think a subscription exists to cover the costs of running his website. But I've looked at Kevin's traffic numbers and given the painful success of his books I think he could easily afford to run his website for free. To give some perspective, let's compare Kevin's traffic to my favorite web comic, Penny-Arcade. Penny-Arcade gets a ton more traffic per month, is about 32 times more popular in web ratings and yet somehow the PA guys whole website is completely free and they aren't even millionaires like Kevin Trudeau. So why does Kevin Trudeau make millions off his books and then charge people who go to his website a monthly subscription? The obvicous conclusion is profit from book sales + website subscriptions is greater than book sales alone.

When he's not pushing his subscription website he's probably spewing conspiracy theories and trying to convince the reader how evil "they" are. I think the reasoning is that if "they" are bad Kevin must be good. This is a false dichotomy. "They" may be bad, but he may be bad as well. "They" may be incompetent, and he may be bad. "They" may not be part of any sort of conspiracy, and he may be bad. The proof pointing to the fact that he is a bad man is undeniable.

It's not as if I have a problem with people making money. But when a guy like Kevin Trudeau cries about someone else making money and then turns around and tries to grab every dime he can for himself, on top of his outright lies. I can't help but laugh at the audacity he posseses. Hopefully someday ol' Kev will be bleeding out his eye sockets or perhaps get prostate cancer, and my money bets he goes right for the proven western medicine rather than choke to death on his own naturopathy nonsense.

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I originally wrote a page about Kevin Trudeau on 2006-08-08. But I'm a little older, and a bit better at writing and I can't seem to help re-writing old content that I find clunky. So I've written a new page that combines the best parts of the old page and with slightly better writing.

Update: I clearly recall Kevin Trudeau claiming on one of his book selling infomercials is what sets him apart from other naturopaths is that he doesn't run advertisements, or advertisements for specific products because it places one at the mercy of your advertisers. Yet looking at his website I see the opposite, I see advertisements and the selling of specific third-party products. Perhaps the website don't count in his claim or maybe he just changed his mind about advertising. I just thought it was something interesting to comment on since money is not his motivation.

By: Brock | On: Sat, April 19th, 2008 - 02:42 PM