Achievements I should have got: Kabuki Quantum Fighter (NES)

Kabuki Quantum Fighter is a bizarre NES games. My Mom bought it from K-Mart for five dollars because it was five dollars. I could never beat this game as a child and it's not very long compared to some games. So here are some made up achievements.

Unlocked: Aug 13, 1990 2:36pm
Headbangers Ball
Kill 10,000 enemies with your primary weapon, your long luxurious hair.
Unlocked: Aug 10, 1990 2:59pm
Energy is Just Another Name for Health
Use your weapon energy to fill your life back up to full during boss fights.
Unlocked: Aug 10, 1990 3:10pm
Be Still My Beating Heart
Make your way through level 1, where there are clearly many hearts beating in the background.
Unlocked: Aug 10, 1990 2:20pm
Non-Mendelian Genetics
Discover that when transferred into a computer you turn into a kabuki actor because your great-grandfather was a famous kabuki actor.
Unlocked: Dec 25, 1990 4:19pm
Computers Are Weird
Get to level six and you'll agree that computers are weird in 2056.
Unlocked: Jun 11, 1992 10:00pm
Let's Not Do That Again
Beat Kabuki Quantum Fighter.
By: Brock | On: Wed, December 28th, 2011 - 07:58 PM