Dragon Age: Origins (PC)

The RPG can be quantified by RPG fans as smart games for smart people. And Dragon Age is chock full of all the things that make RPGs so great. It's got lots of reading, lots of numbers, math, inventory management, loot, skills, trades, talents, abilities, a ragtag cast of colorful characters who come from disparate backgrounds but set aside their differences to save the world.

Dragon Age is Lord of The Rings without the One Ring or useless hobbits. But it does have the archdemon whatshisname (Sauron) who leads the darkspawn (orcs), a rabble of one dimensional cretins bent on whose only goals is wonton destruction. In short they're the most boring villains ever.

The plot goes; darkspawn dig up an archdemon who is also one of the Old Gods, who are asleep and who are responsible for the creation of the darkspawn. But an Old God is tainted by the darkspawn when they find him so he becomes archdemon. Also he's a dragon, but not actually a dragon because he's smarter than a regular dragon. Also none of this is explained very well and if BioWare doesn't give a fuck then neither do I. But everyone knows that if you kill the archdemon then the crisis is over and the darkspawn go away, where they don't bother anyone, except the dwarves and no one gives a shit about dwarves.

Bad guys doing bad guy things is interesting storytelling, anything else gets in the way, at least that's BioWare's take on story telling. What's the archdemon's motive? No one cares, because it doesn't immediately further bad guys doing bad things theme. How can barely sentient monsters like the darkspawn keep pace technologically with intelligent races like humans, elves and dwarves? Bad guys are doing bad things and they need equal technology to be effective at being bad guys doing bad things, that's how. The darkspawn don't need any explanation for their one dimension existence because they're bad guys doing bad things.

Eventually the ragtag group of misfits and degenerates the player controls, assembles an army. Well honestly they don't assemble an army, it just kind of shows up at the end of the game because you need an army. How did the army know where to go and who the leader should be? They must have read the script. Of course the player doesn't really control the army either, they just go do battle things. Regardless, the army acts as a meat shield which allows you to make your way to the archdemon for the final showdown. And it's over. What you were expecting some epic showdown like Link vs Gannon, Cloud vs Sephiroth, X vs Sigma? Dream on.

By: Brock | On: Tue, November 29th, 2011 - 02:04 PM