Star Wars: X-Wing (PC)

Star Wars: X-wing is a PC game that came out in 1993 and everyone who played it around that time gushes over what a masterpiece it is. In X-Wing you take the role of a faceless pilot who often gets stuck with the worst missions imaginable. I can only guess that the commander hates you, but it's never explained why. But it seems obvious because every mission is more difficult and ridiculous than the last and exploding death is almost assured.

Xwing Mission

For those of you not in the know; Y-Wings are trash. They're about as cool and useful as lawn mower at the Indy 500.

Now your pilot is stationed on a gigantic Rebel Alliance starship called Home One and it carries something like 120 star fighters. One might expect plenty of support on tough missions, what with being on a ship of that size, but that is not the case. Typically you get a single wingman regardless of the odds. This wingman is always the worst pilot available. You usually have to remind him which way the helmet goes.

Xwing Mission 2

The amusing thing is that Home One seems to have an endless supply of terrible, death prone wingmen. Your wingman will stick with you and watch your back to the death, but chances are he'll die in the first 37 seconds of combat. Often his last words are screamed warnings to never crossbreed wolverines and ewoks for erotic purposes. It's actually sound advice. Perhaps imminent death provides even the most brain damaged beings with a moment of clarity.

In the average X-Wing mission you will be up against several Imperial capital ships and hundreds of TIE fighters. It's all clearly outlined in your mission briefing so pay attention. Regardless of the odds of your survival or the importance of the mission the tactic of relying solely on your super human skills by the fleet command never changes. You can try to reason with fleet command that perhaps they ought to assign a whole squadron of X-Wings to such an important mission, with pilots who know which way the helmet goes in less than two tries. Or better yet suggest that they send a few Rebel cruisers along and their fighters for support. All requests however fall on deaf ears.

Xwing Mission 3

X-Wing culminates with the assault on the on the first Death Star. Now up until this point you've bee practically carrying the whole Rebellion along on your back and so you will probably be the one to pull through and down the seemingly invincible Death Star. But then some bastard named Luke Skywalker shows up out of practically nowhere and steals your kill and all the credit for all the hard work you've done. Now he's some kind of hero. Oh sure he blew up the Death Star and killed like a million people in the process, does anyone remember who did all the work up until that point? Hell no. Does it matter that you've destroyed enough Imperial fighters single-handedly to be a double ace times sixty three twice over again? No. Does anyone remember you at all? No. It's always Luke this and Luke that. It's enough to drive a guy to drink synthahol until he dies.

As a result of the endless insults and lack of recognition for your achievements, your pilot defects from the Rebellion and joins the Empire and that's where Star Wars: TIE Fighter picks up. If you've played TIE Fighter I think you'll agree the Imperial Navy experience is much more pleasant in comparison to the crap you tolerated in the Rebellion. Also, if you're any good at all you'll get some bitchin' Force lightning tattoos courtesy of the Emperor himself. It's a feature every game should have.

By: Brock | On: Thu, August 2nd, 2007 - 10:02 AM