The Germ Theory of Disease

Have you heard of this shit called the Germ Theory of Disease? You thought germs were a scientific fact? Well you've been bamboozled chump by the smoothest con men around. That's right, fresh from their most disputed scam, the Theory of Evolution, scientists bring you the Germ Theory of Disease. Germ theory is the idea that little monsters fly around, jump inside your body, attack your cells and copy themselves a lot. Somehow this process makes you feel sick and you experience all sorts of symptoms as a result. Supposedly sometimes these germs can copy themselves so many times your body becomes overcrowded and you die from the burden of carrying the extra weight around.

News flash people. Germ theory is not a fact, it's just a theory. It has never been proven and if it hasn't hasn't been proven by this point it probably never will be. I think there ought to be a time limit on proving scientific theories, if you can't manage to do it in one hundred years maybe it's time to retire the theory to the archive of all the things science has made up and been wrong about. And scientists shouldn't be teaching theories as facts until they're proven and stop being theories. After all it's common knowledge that theory means "an unproven guess", some might be so charitable to say "a theory is an intellectual guess that isn't proven". But I think that is taking generosity a step too far. It's clearly the rhetoric of science apologizers who just can't accept the fact that their precious pseudo religion is wrong all the time, routinely lies to people for personal gain, makes up evidence to compliment its claims, wastes millions of dollars doing pointless research, and oppresses established ancient and sacred belief systems by promoting contrary information full of lies and twisted half truths solely designed to destroy faith rather than increase real human knowledge.

I know the fact that germs are just a theory is a shock to you. I know it may be hard to let go of all the habits you've been trapped in as a result. I know because I've been there myself. And who knows how much time and money you've wasted washing your hands, getting vaccinations, going to the doctor and buying so called disinfectants that kill 99.9% of something that hasn't even been proven factual. So you might still be on the fence, germs could be real couldn't they? But let me ask you one thing. Have you ever seen a germ? No, scientists claim they are too small to see with the naked eye. How convenient. What evidence scientists present is pictures of things they claim are germs. But you don't know if they're even telling the truth! I once saw a picture of Jaws with the face of a cat, pictures can be doctored to look like anything. The problem is the pictures I've seen of germs don't look like anything at all.

Here is a alleged picture of the deadly Ebola virus.

Looks like a squiggle to me. You think a squiggle can make you sick? Give me a break. Below is a picture of what HIV supposedly looks like under an electron microscope.

They claim these "spots" have killed 25 million people. These certainly must be the most dangerous spots in the universe. Perhaps you thought Cheetahs were deadly because of their speed and cat like reflexes? Well now we know they're actually just covered in giant HIV's.

So this is the best science could come up with? Honestly I've seen scarier drawings from a deranged two year old. If you think about it dangerous things should actually look dangerous. Maybe if they had dressed ebola up as a ninja brandishing a poison dipped naginata I would have bought into this theory too. But they didn't, where is the creativity? Scientists want us to believe that the deadliest organisms on the planet are squiggles and spots. But you've got to be desperate to believe in something if you're going to believe that. Personally I know for a fact squiggles and dots can't hurt me.

Another thing that throws the whole germ theory into a tailspin is that if it were a fact, or even close to a fact science would be able to cure all diseases by now. But they can't, not even close. They've had plenty of time to do it, so why are people still getting sick? Oh, science has excuses to explain this, but let's face facts, they're just excuses. HIV and Ebola remain uncured. Diseases that scientists claim were eradicated years ago have made a comeback and the old treatments don't work anymore. I wonder why. It kind of makes you wonder if those treatments ever did work at all. Maybe it was just coincidence that certain diseases went away for a while at the same time treatments were developed. I bet scientists never bothered to study that because they were so stuck on their germ fantasy. Or maybe there was a supernatural force at work protecting man from annihilation when he proved too feeble to save himself. But mankind has fully bought this pack of blasphemy and so perhaps that protecting force has unleashed the gates of Hell on man to punish him for his hubris. It's just a theory.

It's obvious to me that scientists beliefs are mostly based on faith, germs are just one more thing they have blind faith in. They can't actually prove it, so germ theory remains a theory. But that doesn't stop them from cramming their unproven theories down the throats of the unsuspecting public. Germ theory is just one example, the theory of evolution, and the flat Eath theory are others. Did you know there's the crusade against the flat earth theorists? It has been brutal and unfair smear campaign because all scientists want to do is preach how the Earth is round rather than consider the alternative theories. Do you realize scientists completely dismiss the elemental table of elements? The elemental table of elements is the theory that everything is made of earth, air, water and fire. Rather than sit down and discuss these theories rationally and weigh all the options. Believers in the periodic table of elements make things like this:

A picture like this is created just to mock elemental table of elements supporters and stifle any debate about the controversy that exists between both theories. Do you see how close minded scientists are to any theory competing against their own? If they don't whole heartedly support a theory then there's no way it can be true. Science clearly has it's own agenda of self promotion and does not have the well being of mankind at heart because the only thing they care about is whether people believe their tripe and give them money for more research. Why not get a real job instead of robbing people blind and lying to them about the nature of the world?

Science blows.

By: Brock | On: Mon, February 18th, 2008 - 08:00 PM